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The bulk of the money we need to raise each year comes from parent donations that we ask for at the annual parent meeting. Here are the other fundraisers that we use to make up the remainder of our fundraising goal.

Corporate Matching

Applying for matching funds is an easy way to help raise more money for the music program.  We encourage all families to apply!  It's free money! After you have made your donation to Music, your confirmation email will contain all you need to submit for a matching donation from your Employee Match Program. Use this link to see what your company offers.


Concert Donations

Instead of selling tickets to our concerts, we ask for a donation of $10 for each adult who attends.

Coffee & Tea Fundraiser

Our coffee and tea fundraiser occurs every fall.  Buy delicious items for yourself and for gifts to friends and family.

Snap Raise Fundraiser

This annual fundraiser takes place in the fall. We can raise a substantial amount of money by asking friends and extended family to help support our music program.


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