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MIDI/Recording Arts

Did you know that most music today is created and produced using MIDI? MIDI is integral to music production, allowing precise control, sequencing, and synchronization of instruments and software.


Musicians use MIDI controllers like keyboards, drum pads, and fader banks to interact with virtual instruments and DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation), enhancing their creative capabilities. MIDI is utilized by most music producers, DJs, film scorers, and musicians worldwide!

In this class students are taught music fundamentals (theory), how to use current industry music technology tools, and how to compose and record music through computer software and musical interfaces. Students will create a portfolio of work. This course is repeatable for credit because students create new music for every assignment and incorporate new techniques as their skill set expands.

No experience is required.

Meets high school graduation requirement for VPA

Meets the UC/CSU subject area "G" requirement

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