The Guitar class requires no prior experience and all levels are welcome. No audition is required.

Students will focus on proper playing technique, staff notation and theory. Students will explore a wide variety of musical genres. Students will learn the melody and chordal accompaniment to several pieces of music, both as a soloist as an ensemble.

The Guitar Ensemble will perform in concert twice during the school year. Students will also have several optional performance opportunities throughout the school year.

Suggested Materials

-Acoustic guitar with case (nylon or steel string) 

-Picks, pick holder, clip-on tuner, and the textbook

(Textbook is Essential Elements for Guitar  by Schmid/Morris)


-A one-inch, 3 ring binder with pockets with 20 sheet protectors


Local & Online Music Stores

Bertrand's Music (San Diego)

Music Mart (Solana Beach) (online)


Torrey Pines High School Music Department

3710 Del Mar Heights Road

San Diego, CA 92130


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