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FAQs for Prospective TPHS Music Students

What music classes are offered at TPHS?  

Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, MIDI/Recording Arts, Instrumental music

Why Choose TPHS?

  • As a music student at Torrey Pines, you will be able to develop your skills on your instrument and excel as far as you would like in a fun and exciting environment.  You will find a range of class levels to meet your needs and abilities. 

  • Our ensembles play engaging and challenging music and earn top awards at SCSBOA competitions.

  • The music department also offers other musical opportunities outside of the school day. Jazz Band students have the opportunity to play in combos. Orchestra and band students rehearse together to form the Full Orchestra several times a year.  Students in band, jazz band, and orchestra have the opportunity to perform in the pit orchestra for the Theater Department’s yearly musical.


When I register for classes, what music class should I sign up for?

When registering for classes, choose the class you would like to join:  Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble*, Jazz Band*, Orchestra, Chamber Strings*, MIDI/Recording Arts, Instrumental Music.

*These classes require audition.


Class lists will be determined after auditions. You will be placed in the correct class after auditions.

How do I audition?

You will find instructions on our  Audition page.


How do I fit music into my schedule?

There is plenty of space to fit four years of music AND academics in your schedule.  TPHS has a seven period schedule.  One year of Visual/Performing Arts is required for high school graduation and for UC/CSU admission.

Can I do music and sports?

Yes, it is possible to do both music and sports.  You can get PE credit for certain sports (5 credits each season after 9th grade, 20 credits maximum). 


How Can Parents Get Involved?

Volunteers are essential to the functioning of our music program! We need many new volunteers for the 2024-25 school year.  Contact the Music Parent Liaisons for more information about getting involved.


What are the benefits of being a music student?

  • It looks good on your college applications!  Colleges want to see a continued focus in a specific area, and taking music for four years is a great way to accomplish that.

  • Music provides many leadership opportunities and the chance to participate in honor groups, both of which are a big plus to college admissions officers. 

  • Music students can get college scholarships.

  • Music offers the chance to participate in traveling, festivals, competitions, and performing for school and community. 

  • Music students develop skills in teamwork, discipline, responsibility, communication, and creativity.

  • You get to be part of a fun, supportive community within the larger school campus.

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